Crushed Candle (2 Colours)

by GoodBeast Design


 Handcrafted for optimal results, our limited-edition Crushed Candle contains eco-friendly, vegan coconut/apricot wax for a superior, low-impact burn. Delivering a delightful floral aroma, each cup will provide at least 30 hours' burn time, depending on size. To ensure an even melt, let the wax burn uninterruptedly for the candle's first hour.

Beautifully designed and responsibly sourced, it's the optimal decoration to infuse any space with hours of cozy, clean-burning warmth. Plus, its partially recycled glass construction guarantees a positive environmental impact.

Hand-made to Order

Orders will take 2-3 weeks to produce as each piece is hand-made in our Vancouver based Glass Shop.

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