Splash Bottom Softie Bud Vases

by GoodBeast Design


Our highly sought-after "soft" bud vase enhances the contemporary appeal of any cutting.

We meticulously hand-sculpt each piece to guarantee that every vase possesses a distinct, yet recognizable visual style.

Crafted by hand in our Vancouver studio through a handblown glass technique.

Measuring approximately 4" in diameter with an opening of roughly 0.5", the intensity of the color splash may fluctuate due to the fusion of two glass varieties during the process.

Hand-made to Order

Orders will take 2-3 weeks to produce as each piece is hand-made in our Vancouver based Glass Shop.

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Free shipping for orders in North America with orders of $200 or more!

International Shipping

We ship world wide. Duties and Taxes may be applicable due to location.