The Bottle

by GoodBeast Design


 This 8” hand-crafted glass bottle is specially designed for a smooth drinking experience, featuring a secure stopper, and advanced durability for frequent usage. Featuring its timeless shape, the Ebony Glass Bottle is crafted to be recyclable and minimally designed. Its undersized opening prevents spills, while the stopper fit tightens over time for increased security.

Offered in Enamel and Light Grey variations in addition to its standard Ebony form, our bottle is as stylish as it is convenient and eco-friendly. The Ebony Glass Bottle is a classic piece of design with modern safety and durability features, perfect for those who want to enjoy beverages in an eco-friendly manner. Featuring advanced design elements, it is an ideal accompaniment for those who value both function and aesthetics.

Hand-made to Order

Orders will take 2-3 weeks to produce as each piece is hand-made in our Vancouver based Glass Shop.

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